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Solution Technology Integrator Program


Your customers trust your solutions to meet their business needs. Now they want those solutions to tap into the Internet of Everything. To connect people and processes that haven't been connected before. To manage these connections, collect key data from them, and turn that data into real insight. To help them make better decisions.

That's why we created our Solution Technology Integrator program. Add our computing, collaboration, security and networking technology to your solutions. And offer them under your name. One stop for your customer to get a complete solution. So you can have a deeper conversation with your customers about where they're headed. And why you’re the best business partner to take them there.

This program blends the best benefits of our reseller and alliance programs. It is designed for companies that are known in their industries to create the most comprehensive solutions. Companies like you, leading these industries:

  • Energy production and conservation
  • Healthcare devices and software
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Media and entertainment
  • Mining, oil, and gas
  • Smart buildings and utilities
  • Transportation systems

To learn more please click the link below:

Solution Technology Integrator Program - Cisco Systems

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