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Core Issue

This problem can occur due to any of the following reasons,

1) Misconfigured IP address on the source device.

2) Default gateway incorrectly set on the source device.

3) Misconfigured  IP address on the destination device.

4) Network failure.


Follow the steps given below for correcting the problem:

  1. Check the IP address of the source device ( Device from which you trying to access the network or host ) .Ensure that the IP address and subnet mask is correct.
  2. Check the default gateway on the source device .If found missing / incorrect configure / correct the default gateway or IP address on the source device. Issue the  ip default-gateway command when IP routing is disabled on a Cisco router. Issue the ip default-network and ip route commands to set the gateway of last resort on Cisco routers that have IP routing enabled. For information on configuring the default gateway or IP address, refer to  Configuring a Gateway of Last Resort Using IP Commands.
  3. Check the IP address of the destination device. Ensure that the Ip address and subnet mask is correctly given.If every thing is found correct try pinging the destination device with the ping command and observe the messages received. For detailed information , refer Understanding the Ping command.
  4. Check for any Network Problems (physical).
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