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Community Manager

Thursday 22, September 2022, at 10:00hrs PDT (utc -7)

Community Live Video

Learn more about the best practices for Webex Monitoring using ThousandEyes, and why you should consider endpoint agents and Webex cloud agents.

The session provides information about different options for Webex Monitoring using ThousandEyes. Cisco experts provides an introduction of ThousandEyes and Webex Control Hub, which includes the different varieties and elements needed to accomplish this monitoring process. The event includes live demonstrations and practice examples.

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* This event is free, and it is open to everyone, including students, instructors, Cisco customers and partners.

Experts Details 


Yanid Perez is part of the Customer Engineering team of Thousand Eyes. Previously, she collaborated as a support engineer in the Cisco Global Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for Webex Cloud and as a Designated Services Manager for the Collaboration Portfolio. Yanid holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and electronics engineering, and DevNet and CCNA certifications.


Abraham Avila is a former Webex support engineer and currently is member of the ThousandEyes Critic Incident Center team, specializing in technical escalations and product feedback. He is a Communications and Electronics Engineer and DevNet certified.


  • New York, USA 13:00hrs
  • San Jose, USA 10:00hrs
  • New Delhi, India 22:30hrs
  • Paris, France 19:00hrs
  • Mexico City, MX 12:00hrs

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