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How to implement a functionality similar to config# load merge ?

Hi,   I am trying to read a csv file from an OS directory and parse its output to nso config. I wanted to implement on the same lines as that of nso in-built command: admin@ncs(config)# load mergePossible completions:<filename> README.ncs devices.xml...

Error traversing Navu tree fails

  private static void traverse(NavuNode curr) throws Exception   {         if (curr instanceof NavuContainer)     {     NavuContainer currContainer = (NavuContainer)curr;          Iterator<NavuNode> iter = currContainer.children.iterator();        ...

suvdeshm by Cisco Employee
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NSO: Custom Syslog

I am wanting to spawn off syslog messages after creating a service.  The syslog should have details about the service.  Is there a way built into NSO to create a custom NSO syslog message with these details.  If there is, could someone point me in th...

dapryor by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! can we use NSO device template functionality to remove/update configurations as well

Hi, We are trying to utilize NSO for template updates to devices over at my work. And i am trying to see the feasibility of our needs. We need to be able to update/remove configurations in devices as per what is in the template.  for now we intend to...

rt228x001 by Beginner
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Resolved! local netsim device connect issue

Guys, I’m running into a local netsim device connect issue, when I try to connect the device, it returns me the error with “info Failed to connect to device c2: connection refused: Key exchange was not finished, connection is closed. in new state"...

kuiliu by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Netconf NED, Double key tag

Netconf NED is generating the below query ware key tag is used twice. In the below request number tag is added twice. <number>3</number><number/> is this as per netconf standard, how to avoid this double tag?   >>>>out 24-Apr-2019::11:05:19.244 user:...

pradc by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! re-use templates with java mapping from given service context in NSO?

From documentation, I found how to do service-device mappings using java with a @ServiceCallback method. It works by instantiating templates from the service context like so: @ServiceCallback(...) public Properties create(ServiceContext context, ...)...

Roland_S by Beginner
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nso user admin didn't get all access even already did "usermod -a -G 'ncsadmin' 'admin' "

nso version, system installation    we found nso user 'admin' get access  error when call an action , but read/write service model is okay we use pam as aaa,  run cli usermod -a -G 'ncsadmin' 'admin' to grant all access to user admin accordin...

jinlliu by Cisco Employee
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