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commit-dry run not showing config entry being added

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Level 1


we're testing a server-template where we set the speed option to 1Gbit/s for certain interfaces.

The config is working fine, configuration being added but commit dry-run not showing it:

ncs% commit dry-run | debug template


Operation 'merge' on non-existing node: /devices/device[name='test']/config/junos:configuration/interfaces/interface[name='xe-0/1/4']/gigether-options/speed (from file "ptp-template.xml", line 13)

Fetching literal "1g" (from file "ptp-template.xml", line 13)

  Setting /devices/device[name='test']/config/junos:configuration/interfaces/interface[name='xe-0/1/4']/gigether-options/speed to "1g"


But when we look at the "commit dry-run" output, it's not showing the 1g setting but it is applying it to the device.

Anyone any idea why commit-dry run is not showing a config part which is being applied to the device.

And the 1g config is not present when we apply the service.


John Grinwis

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello John,

What is the value of  devices/device[name='test']/config/junos:configuration/interfaces/interface[name='xe-0/1/4']/gigether-options/speed prior to running your test?  If the value was '1g' prior, then there will be no change in the dry-run.

NSO will determine the minimum diff for the config changes to make to the device (or show in dry-run).

If it is the value has not changed there will be no config change sent to the device.

Depending on if your service is a Reactive-Fastmap implementation, you will not see the dry-run if the template is executed in the second and subsequent RFM redeploys.


Hello Larry,

config is not present when we apply the service and it's a very basic service, no RFM in action.

The only thing thats different is that we had to make some changes to the junos YANG model as the 1g option was missing.



Seems that change to the NED is interesting... lets follow that up for a minute..

Just to be sure, after modifying the NED, have you have rebuilt and reloaded the NED into NSO?

If so, from the command line if you do:

nso% set devices/device[name='test']/config/junos:configuration/interfaces/interface[name='xe-0/1/4']/gigether-options/speed <tab>

does it show the new enum value that you added to the NED?

If so, when you set it what does the 'commit dry-run' show?


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