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I am trying to provision an IOS-XR device, A ZTP script on the dev ice is executed that call REST API to create the device on the NSO server. This works well but I would like to perform a sync-to at the end of the process to complete the provisioning...

As per the title, trying to understand is these are equivalentrpc doSomething {    input {      leaf action {        type string;      }    }    output {      leaf dummy {        type string;      }    }  }andtailf:action doSomething {    input {    ...

martmitc by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! AWS NED

    Hello, NSO gurus, I see a amazon-aws NED. Does anyone know what it was built for? Is there any project it was deployed onto?thank you in advance!

yli7 by Cisco Employee
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Hi, All:Suddenly I started receiving the following message:admin@ncs> request packages reload Error: Failed to load duplicate NCS package bgpl3vpn: (./packages/bgpl3vpn)[error][2018-01-23 15:43:47]admin@ncs>Please advice what that means and if possib...

Resolved! [Nested lists]

Hi,I'm trying to create a service for L3VPN that uses static routes to be able to point at CE subnets. My initial try worked without a problem. That is when only one single static route was configured. But, an issue with multiple static routes (max 1...

Hi,I want to filter the result of a REST GET call to suppress some containers in the output.Consider the YANG model below as example:container networks {  list network {    key name;    leaf name {       type string;     }    container test1 {     .....

  We built a ACI emulator, after adding it to NSO, the "sync-from" always fails with the following error:request devices device apic1 sync-fromresult falseinfo Failed to connect to device apic1: connection refused: Error on line 430: invalid value fo...

yli7 by Cisco Employee
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Hi Team,I’m trying to better understand the following:how to use MAAPI functions inside cb_create within service packages, how to define maapi object/session..etc with the existing parameters NCS is passing when the functions is called. I cannot seem...

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