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Device is locked when using cronjob to checksync all the device managed by NSO

Chris Wang
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We have a daily job to check-sync all the devices managed, and generate the report to result in that some of the devices are locked in the report. But when I manually check-sync or sync-from the locked devices by CLI, it is OK, and could be sync-from.

Error message is like "ORD10-WXBB-PE01: Device is locked in a check-sync operation by session 290795"

The devices locked are all type of neds: cisco-ios, cisco-iosxr, cisco-nx...

What's the reason of this behavior?


NSO version: 4.6.1


   cisco-ios pakcage version is 5.9.3
   cisco-asa version is 6.0.4
   cisco-fmc version is 1.0.4
   cisco-iosxr version is
   cisco-nx version is 5.6
   citrix-netscaler version is 3.0.23

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

How is the cronjob configured? Can you provide a sample?


In this case, we should figure out if it's NSO or the cronjob. Since you manually check and it works fine, I assume NSO may not like what is being retrieved from the cronjob.


You said 'some' of the devices are locked, is it random devices each time or the same devices?

cronjob is by calling the NSO northbound API: _operations/check-sync.
The locked devices of the API call "_operations/check-sync" return is random.

Okay so when you state you do manual check-syncs, it is done via NB API? How often is the cronjob ran to perform check-sync? Do the following netconf/localhost888/devel/java-vm logs say anything?

yes, the manual check-sync is done via NB API and we run 1 time a day.

One thing I find is that, we run both service check-sync and device check-sync via NB API, will it impact the device lock?

I honestly can't say.. If both are ran at the same time, the test you can perform is to isolate each task to see if the redundancy of errors/device-lock changes.