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*Disclaimer: Please note that any comments left under this document will not be followed up on by the Logistics team. For any Logistics related inquiries, please use the official channels listed in this document. 


  1. How to make sure I am reaching the correct Logistics department?
  • Global Logistics shifts contacts are as follows:
    • For orders to EMEAR – Phone: +31 20 485 4200; Email:
    • For orders to NAM and LATAM – United States Phone: 1800 553 2447 (Option 4) Email:; Latin America: Phone: 001 888 443 2447
    • For orders to APAC:

- Asia Pacific Phone: 61 2 8446 3411 (Option 4); Email:

-  India - Phone: 000-800-100-1364 (Option 4); Email:

- Greater China: Phone: +86 400 810 8886 (Option 4); Email:

- Japan: Phone: +81 3 6738 5696; Email:


  • Live chat option is available 24/7 in the Product Replacement & Return tool for all theatres.


  1. Where can I check the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on an RMA?
  • ETA is visible in the Replacement tab of the RMA - it is populated up to 15-20 minutes after RMA creation.



  • For Standard orders the Tracking number is located on the same tab, the hyperlink will be active on the following morning. In the tracking information you can also check if the order is held at customs. Please note that tracking link might not be available for some countries outside of the EU, for more information, please contact Logistics.

STD tracking link.jpg

  • For Premium orders or scheduled orders there is no tracking number due to delivery on the same day.
  • Additionally, please reach out to TAC Connect Bot, Cisco's virtual assistant for common case inquiries.


  1. RMA is not on hold but there is still no Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)?
  • On the Replacement tab in the RMA you can also see Scheduled ship date and when the RMA will be shipped which is determined based on the service level of your contract/warranty.

Scheduled ship date.jpg

  1. RMA is on hold, what do I do?
    • If your RMA is with status „On Hold – resolution in progress“, please contact the Logistics department for further information on how to proceed.


  1. Where can I check the Proof of Delivery (POD) of my RMA?
  • You can check Proof of Delivery (POD) on the Replacement part tab in the RMA. For standard orders the information is updated 24 hours after delivery. For premium orders half an hour to one hour.
  • You can also check for Proof of Delivery in the tracking number (available for Standard orders only, please refer to Question 2.)



  1. What do I do if I have not received the part but there is a Proof of Delivery (POD) and the consignee is not known to my organization?
    • Please contact the Logistics department for further support.


  1. Where can I see the Serial Number (SN) that was shipped to me?
  • Shipped Serial Number is located on the Replacement tab of the RMA. If there is no information, please contact Logistics department for further support.

Shipped SN.jpg



  1. Why don’t I have access to view the RMA?
  • Visibility on RMAs is only possible for CCO IDs that are associated with the contract used for RMA creation. 
    Reach out to your system administrator to check you cisco profile and contracts associated with it, as well as possibility for adding more.
  1. How do I request access for RMA creation?
  • You can request access for RMA creation here select “Product Returns & Replacement (RMA)” - Category “Access”.
  • If you are experiencing any technical issue please use the Feedback tool to report the incident.


  1. How do I return a defective part?
  • You can request and schedule your return using the Cisco RMA Return Pick up tool.


  1. How do I cancel my RMA?
    • You can cancel your RMA using the cancellation option in Product Returns & Replacement (PRR) next to the RMA number. If the option is grayed out, please contact the Logistics department for further support.

Cancel PRR.jpg



  1. Why do I see my RMA as cancelled?
  • Due to system issues, it is possible that the part line has been cancelled and re-added again. You can check the part status on Replacement part tab if it has already been shipped or pending shipment.
  • If the RMA has been completely cancelled and it was not requested by you, please reach out to the Logistics department.


  1. Where can I see Field Engineer details and Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA)?
  • Field Engineer details and ETA can be seen in the Labor tab of the RMA.
  • If you require additional information beside Field Engineer name/phone number or/and ETA, please contact the Logistics department for further support.



  1. How do I change the address and/or site contact details?
    • If the RMA is already submitted the address and site contact cannot be updated in the RMA itself. Depending on the RMA’s ship status, the order can be either cancelled and re-created with the correct information or the new shipping information can be provided additionally to the carrier team. For such queries, please contact the Logistics department.


  1. Who can I contact for the creation of a configuration RMA?
    • Please note that all creations of configuration RMAs for EMEAR are handled by our Technical Assistance Center (TAC).


  1. How will Cisco deliver a heavyweight or oversized RMA covered by a service contract? 
  • Cisco offers a variety of service levels for replacing failed hardware under a support contract. For services including Advance Replacement, Cisco will use commercially reasonable efforts to achieve the service levels. Such services are subject to geographic, weight, size, depot restrictions, Customer’s location, and delivery method. For more details, please refer to this link.


  1. How do I know which RMA service level is supported in my location?
  • You can check availability by accessing Cisco's Service Availability Matrix here.


  1. What does the Field Engineer scope include?
  • You can review fully the scope of the Field Services team here.


FAQ - RMA Entitlement


  1.  How do I know my product is covered?
  • You can check your device coverage here. 


  1. What is Cisco’s approach to replacement of expandable components?
  • Furnishing of supplies, accessories or the replacement of expendable parts (e.g., batteries, cables, blower assemblies, power cords, and rack mounting kits) is part of Cisco’s Services Not Covered list.


  1. What is Cisco’s entitlement policy for minor parts?
  • Cisco’s booking and quoting policy requires a valid Cisco product serial number for all serialised products; Cisco Services entitlement is applicable to all serialized products For more information, please visit the Services Entitlement Overview page.


  1. What is Cisco’s policy on domestic deliveries?
  • Services performed at domestic residences are part of the Services Not Covered list.


  1. What do I need to know about international shipments outside of the EEA - Duties and Taxes?
  • Advance Replacement to and from the European Union will be shipped Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) (Incoterms 2010). All other Advance Replacement will be shipped Delivered At Place (DAP) (Incoterms 2010), exclusive of any import duties, taxes and fees, where applicable. All Advance Replacements will be shipped using Cisco's preferred carrier, freight prepaid by Cisco. Requests for alternate carriers will be at Customer’s expense. Chassis and line card Advance Replacement Service must be at the same level of coverage. Cisco will provide the Customer with Advance Replacement(s) that are either new or equivalent to new. For more information on Services and Support, please visit


  1. What does the Act of God policy entail?
  • Support or replacement of Product that is altered, modified, mishandled, destroyed or damaged by one or more of the following: (i) natural causes; (ii) environmental failures; (iii) your failure to take any required actions; (iv) a negligent or willful act or omission by you or use by you other than as specified in the applicable Cisco-supplied documentation; or (v) an act or omission of a third party. For more information, please visit Services not covered list.


  1. What if my product has reached Last Day of Support (LDOS)?
  • Support  of Product  beyond  the  identified  End  of  Support  (EOS)  date  regardless  of  whether  such Product has been included in any Chassis-based service pricing part of the Services Not Covered list. For more information, please visit Cisco’s End-of-life Policy page or engage your point of service sales to arrange a migration plan.


  1. What is the Cisco Entitlement policy towards products recently added to a contract (under 30 calendar days)  
  • Under Cisco service agreement, customers agree to provide thirty (30) days’ notice of: (1) requested additions to Customer’s equipment list and (2) Products that have been moved to a new location. Services will be provided to Customer beginning thirty (30) days of receipt of such notification. For more details, please refer to the Services and Support page. 
  1. What is Cisco’s policy regarding components returned in error?
  • For service replacement –It is important to return only the components for which replacements have been provided. Items that contain internal (child) components, that required replacement, should be removed and packaged separately from the parent product. Accessories and other modular components should be transferred to the replacement device and not included with the return item.  Cisco is not responsible for excess items returned in error. For more details, please refer to the Customer Return Packaging Guidelines.



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