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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

On November 18th, 2017, we migrated ‘My Cisco Workspace’ and the ‘Service Order RMA tool’ to a single landing page called ‘Product Returns & Replacements (RMA)’. From this page you can view all your RMAs, what stage they are in, click on the RMA to see the associated timeline and some customers have access to create RMAs.


We’ve Simplified Your RMA Experience:

With our new landing page comes a new ability for RMA creation. We call this ability the Customer Handoff Experience!  The Customer Handoff Experience gives Cisco the ability to start creating the RMA and allows you to finish it online!


We’re Bringing Value to You:

When our Logistics and Technical Support teams generate an RMA, they need to collect RMA details before creating the RMA. This means you need to compile and document the RMA Details in an email or read this information to us over the phone.

Our new Customer Handoff Experience will eliminate the back and forth between you and Cisco when an RMA is needed and let you update shipping information directly on your RMA before submitting the order.


How it Works:

Our new RMA Creation process consists of four steps:

  1. Part Information
  2. Site Information
  3. Delivery Details
  4. Review & Submit

Our Logistics and Technical Support teams now have the option to start creating the RMA by completing Step 1: Part information and verifying entitlement. Once the part information is added they will handoff the RMA to you (Acknowledgement CCO ID). You will receive an email with a link to the RMA online and from there you can Complete Step 2: Site Information, Step 3: Delivery Details and Step 4: Review & Submit.

How We Did It:

For our innovative team to implement a valuable and robust solution, we partnered with real users such as our stakeholders, Customers and Partners to capture their insights. We studied how users work, what they do and listened to what they wanted. As we designed, we went back to users and showed them what we had come up with and asked hundreds of questions to learn if we were meeting their needs. We took these insights and used them to build our new design.


Getting Started

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