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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

On November 18th, 2017, we migrated ‘My Cisco Workspace’ and the ‘Service Order RMA tool’ to a single landing page called ‘Product Returns & Replacements (RMA)’. From this page you can view all your RMAs, what stage they are in, click on the RMA to see the associated timeline and some customers have access to create RMAs.


We’ve Simplified Your RMA Experience:

With our new landing page comes a new ability for RMA creation. We call this ability the Customer Handoff Experience!  The Customer Handoff Experience gives Cisco the ability to start creating the RMA and allows you to finish it online!


We’re Bringing Value to You:

When our Logistics and Technical Support teams generate an RMA, they need to collect RMA details before creating the RMA. This means you need to compile and document the RMA Details in an email or read this information to us over the phone.

Our new Customer Handoff Experience will eliminate the back and forth between you and Cisco when an RMA is needed and let you update shipping information directly on your RMA before submitting the order.


How it Works:

Our new RMA Creation process consists of four steps:

  1. Part Information
  2. Site Information
  3. Delivery Details
  4. Review & Submit

Our Logistics and Technical Support teams now have the option to start creating the RMA by completing Step 1: Part information and verifying entitlement. Once the part information is added they will handoff the RMA to you (Acknowledgement CCO ID). You will receive an email with a link to the RMA online and from there you can Complete Step 2: Site Information, Step 3: Delivery Details and Step 4: Review & Submit.

How We Did It:

For our innovative team to implement a valuable and robust solution, we partnered with real users such as our stakeholders, Customers and Partners to capture their insights. We studied how users work, what they do and listened to what they wanted. As we designed, we went back to users and showed them what we had come up with and asked hundreds of questions to learn if we were meeting their needs. We took these insights and used them to build our new design.


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I had the same issue. You can either try a different browser or log out of the current browser on Cisco, clear your cache, close browser, then reopen and log back in.

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Level 1

You guys need to actually try and use the new RMA system before you break your arms patting yourselves on the backs. It is horrible. If you make one mistake on the phone number is doesn't allow you to correct it. It just keeps saying "space cannot be left blank". Now I have all these drafts that there is now way to get rid of. You guys need to look at this thing again.
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello @thomasm2x,

Thank you for commenting on our blog and providing your feedback. I have escalated this to the team and they are looking into this scenario. Would you be able to email with the RMA number and the details in which you are trying to change and we will look at troubleshooting this scenario. 


In the meantime, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox and please clear your cache and reopen and let me know if the problem consists.




Jacqui Wells

Change Management

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Level 1

Hi, I didn't have the chance to try the service before but I think is not what I was expecting, after almost 1 1/2 months waiting for my access, it worked for 2 days, now it doesn't allow me to create any more RMA's and still have about 8 units to do so, overall, my experience it's been bad.

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Yeah, they definitely screwed something up big time. I have RMAs out the wazzoo to do and I don't know what I will do . I will have to contact high level Boeing managers to get this straightened out.

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What are the errors you're getting when creating the RMA? If you trying to create an RMA, two things need to happen.

1) The device must be a under an active Cisco support entitlement contact. If this is a warranty RMA, that needs to be called into TAC directly.

2) If the device is covered under a Cisco Contract, that contract must be loaded on onto your CCO.

You can try to check the entitlement of a device on the links below.

How do I find my Cisco Contract Number? :

Checking Device Entitlement:

Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC):

Cisco Commerce - Software Subscriptions and Sevices (CCW-R):

Connect Dots:

Adding Cisco Contract to CCO: It is important to associate all your service contracts with your profile in order for you to receive complete access to support and services from Cisco.
Please follow the steps below to associate contracts to your profile:
* Go to Cisco Profile Manager<> <-
* Select 'Access' tab
* Click on 'Add Access'
* Choose 'Full Support' and click on 'Go'
* Enter service contracts number(s) in the space provided and click on the 'Submit' button.
You will receive notification via email that the service contract associations have been completed. Service contract association can take up to 6 hours to complete.
IMPORTANT: If you are not able to access any of the links below, please contact your authorized Cisco partner or re-seller, your Cisco account representative, or the individual in your company who manages Cisco service agreement information.

I have an existing RMA number and want to look up details about it.  Where do I go to do that?  The RMA landing page has no menu/dropdown that says "RMA Number"........just order number, request number, serial and a couple of other options, but nothing that says RMA number.  Choosing any option and using the RMA number returns nothing.  So how do I look up a RMA # in the RMA system?

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Level 1
You should be able to look up RMA details at the following:

Pending you are the creator of the RMA or have the cisco contract that the RMA was created under, loaded onto your CCO profile.

More info can be found here:

Can you put a direct link to the POWR 2.0 tool on the main page at the top so I don't have to look all over for it Please?


Cisco is just soooooo dumb

I would like to see an Archive file (easy to find and use) of previous RMAs so I can track what I am sending back to see the trends all done through the site on equipment failures. (Ex. If I keep sending a specific version of ASR fan trays back for RMA, then it would tell me that we have an issue with that version and it can be addressed as to what can or should be done by the deciding executive teams)

It took them 4 years to re-do the RMA system and they did a horrible job and did not simplify anything. Do you really think they will listen and do this LMAO.

They are Cisco! They are on this really high horse as if they are the BEST and their equipment is the BEST. But their RMA system is horrible and they just RED-Tape all of us all the time.

They don't care, they will never simplify it! They just don't get it. They want to make it as complicated as possible. They are so far away from reality on this, it's mindblowing!

Hey Cisco!! Take your heads out of your asses and take care of this guys request LMAO. They will never do it! Even though we all ask them to. It will NEVER Happen because they don't Care!

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My colleague David Sandoval (CCO davidsandova) couldn't create RMAs orther in this tool, he has access to Dimension Data Spain BIDs and could request SRs but bot RMAs, please could you provide such access?


works Good   

Can you have it show that  a pickup was requested by power  tool for the RMA

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Need to pull complete report for the set of RMA's (Like Serial Number,SR,Shipping Address, Shipping Contact, Replaced Serial Number..etc.,) 


Is there any tool available to download the report, if yes please share me the link & if any guide available for that tool..please share me that as well.


Thanks in advance.

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