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Heath Deschenes

CCM failover from PUB to SUB1

I have added a subscriber server to create a cluster and set it up in the CM group as the 2nd server. I have the group defined in the Device Pool and have that device pool assigned to all devices. When I shutdown the publisher to test the failover the phones will not reregister for some reason. I have the TFTP on the publisher server, but I was under the impression that the phones will not need to pull another TFTP config.

Something to note is that both of my MGCP gateways do register with the new CCM and are able to take phone calls that route between routers and are controlled by CCM.

Is there something I might be missing on the phone side?

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

The phones will need to pull the new configuration file as that is where the configuration listing the CCMs is. Please restart all phones associated with that device pool, or to prove it reset at least one. Also, you can check it on the phone by going to Settings->Network Config->scroll under Callmanager1 and CallManager2 to make sure both are listed.

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Thank you for the reply.

I was sure to reset all of the phones after updating the groups and device pools and I have been able to see that the secondary CM is listed on phone. That is part of what stumped me. The phones have the alternate in their configuration so what could be stopping the switch? I had left the primary down for 10 minutes in case there was any timeouts that had to occur also.

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