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Changing display name of Corporate Directory



We are in the process of deploying a CallManager to a school system. A request was made to have the directory "Corporate Directory" display "School Directory" instead. I looked into the asp that displays the page on the phone, but did not have any luck. Does anyone know how this could be accomplished?

Thanks for the help.

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Try this. The filename is xmldirectory.asp. Change the name from Corporate Directory to School Directory. You can use search to find the word Corporate....Haven't tried this myself but looks like this is the page...


<%@ Language=JavaScript %>




function getBaseURL()


var scriptName = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") ;

var endloc = String(scriptName).lastIndexOf("/") ;

var baseURL = "http://" +

String(Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")) + ":" +

String(Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_PORT")) +

String(scriptName).substr(0, endloc + 1) ;

return baseURL ;




var name = String(Request.QueryString("Name").Item);

Response.ContentType = "text/xml";

Response.Buffer = true;

//Response.Write("\r\nSelect a directory\r\n\r\nCorporate Directory\r\n" + getBaseURL() + "xmldirectoryinput.asp\r\n\r\n");


<% = outputString( dictionary.xmldirectoryMsgPagePrompt, "dictionary.xmldirectoryMsgPagePrompt" ) %>

<% = outputString( dictionary.lblCorporateDirectory, "dictionary.lblCorporateDirectory" ) %>

<% = getBaseURL() %>xmldirectoryinput.asp



catch (err)



Response.Write(dictionary.msgGeneralError + " ( "+ name + " )");

Response.AppendToLog(name + ":" + err.number + ":" + err.description);




Thanks for the response.

That was my thought as well. This was the only thing that I thought to try. I am assuming that the statement --

//Response.Write("\r\nSelect a directory\r\n\r\nCorporate Directory

Is what you were referring to. I tried changing it to --

//Response.Write("\r\nSelect a directory\r\n\r\nSchool Directory

but it still showed "corporate directory" on the display. To verify that it was hitting the file that I edited, I renamed it. Then, when I hit the directories button, it did not bring up the option. So, I'm sure I have the right file..

Any more thoughts would be greatly appreciated..Thanks again.

That segment of code is commented out from before Cisco supported more than one language. The code that's really active is what's just below it. It imports the localized version of the term 'Corporate Directory' from the locale dictionary. There isn't really a "right" way to do this since such a change is unsupported, but the cleanest way is to alter the dictionary.

Look in C:\CiscoWebs\IPPhoneServices\CCMCIP\locales\english_united_states for the file ccmcipdictionary.asp. Obviously I'm assuming you're using the US English locale; you'll see other locales if you're not. If you open that file with a text editor, it will become reasonably obvious what to change.

This sort of change is eligible to get overwritten during patches and upgrades, so make a note of what and where you change things so you can restore it later.

That hit it right on the head... Thanks for the help!

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