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Device Association

To ALL, I have imported about 400 sets thru the BAT tool and it seems that none of the sets were associated ...Device Association- When users login to CCM on the webpage, devices are not associated to each individual and they can't setup speed dials and such. Is there a BAT we can do or do we have to go to each and every phone to set this up? Thanks

Daniel Baum
Cisco Employee

There is a BAT template that may be used to associate new phones(s) to new users for a bulk-add.

Without further investigation into what occured with your bulk-add, I'll have to take a generic approach to assist.

First, was this proceedure used? See "Adding Phones and Users or Other IP Telephony Devices to Cisco CallManager" @

If you are adding phones and users, you must create a BAT phone template "Phones/Users BEFORE you attempt to add phones and users to Cisco CallManager.

If this before linked proceedure was used, may need more information to assist in troubleshooting this issue.

See this proceedure for gathering troubleshooting information:

BAT generates log files for each bulk transaction and stores the files on the publisher database server in the following location: C:\CiscoWebs\BAT\LogFiles\.

The log file also shows the key value of a record, so the administrator may reexamine the record. The MAC address of the phone serves as the key value when you are adding, updating, or modifying phones. When users are added, the User ID serves as the key value.

Clicking View Latest Log File link displays the summary view for the bulk transaction as well as the detail view for the failures.

There is another way of accomplishing your objective. This will be a combination of BAT and TAPS.

For more info on TAPS see the specifics features that TAPS requires under "Working with TAPS":


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