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DX80 Connected to Webex Cloud - Enabling USB ports

Hi all - I've just got my hands on a new DX80 and have it registered to Webex Cloud. I cannot find any way or reference on how to enable the inbuilt USB ports or hub so they can be accessed by the local PC I have connected to the DX80. Is this a limitation right now or am I missing something?


I have seen there appears to be a way of enabling the USB ports if you register the device to CUCM but the plan is to simply connect it to Webex Cloud.


Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated. 


Hello Mkennell,

So from what I have read I believe you are wanting to use the internal USB ports on your DX80. Are you wanting to use the DX80 as an external monitor, and to enable content sharing?

What are you trying to accomplish? You can't do anything to the DX80 from your laptop via USB or vice versa. 

I'm guessing you have the combined USB/HDMI cable that comes with the DX and you're thinking you can do something with that USB connection, but you can't (anymore). When the DX first came out, it ran android software, and you could use the USB to access files on your laptop from the DX, but you are not running android if you're registered to Webex. About the only purpose for the DX80 USB ports is for a headset or using it to charge a device. 


Yes you are correct I have assumed like with most desktop monitor that feature a USB type B port I could use the DX80's USB type A ports effectively as a USB hub from my connected PC, when Im using the DX80 as an external display. Have to say its pretty poor if this very basic functionality isn't possible, as I only wanted to attach a Keyboard and mouse and maybe the odd pen drive. 


Many thanks 

Hi thanks for the response, I was merely looking to just the DX80 as an external display for my laptop but then was hoping to connect a keyboard and mouse to the DX80 Type A USB ports to control my laptop. I has assumed that using the supplied USB A to B cable would enable this.


Many thanks 

Sadly you can only use the USB cord on the DX80 for content sharing. You can also use an HDMI for an external display as well. 


Reference to this guide. -

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