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Extension mobility in a multisite WAN with Distributed Call Processing

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Level 1

Can you implement extension mobility in a multisite WAN with Distributed call processing? I can't see how you would be able to carry the profile from one to another.

Client has multiple sites with 128K links, in a distributed site.

Along this same line, can the global directory contain all users from the distributed sites?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes, you can do this.

And yes, the global directory will contain all the users.

Dave, Can you amplify how this can be designed ? Can this work with multiple call managers at each site ? Can you point at some documenation ?

Actually, I went back and re-read the original question. When I answered it the first time, I thought I had read centralized call processing, rather than distributed. So that changes things a bit.

For Extension Mobility, this doesn't really work currently. From the directory perspective, you could integrate all the CallManager clusters with an Active Directory for example and then all the user information about what their user device profile would be available anywhere. The problem however would be that on each CallManager cluster, every single user that could possibly roam to another office would need to have a User Device Profile configured on that cluster, since SQL replication only takes place within a cluster.

As far as the Corporate Directory on the phone, this would be very easy using the above method of integrating all the clusters with the Active Directory or Netscape Directory infrastructure.

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