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Integrating DMS with SA Encoder D9022

Ricardo Adolfs
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I'm new here at the Forum, and I need a help...

I need to stream a multicast video (SD) from a tv receiver over a DMS 5.2 network to the DMPs 4400G, using the SA Encoder D9022.

I've never done this before, and when I first open the Web Interface of the enconder I saw many parameters to configure, and I'm afraid not doing this right, cause video doesn't plays at the DMPs.

All NICs (TS Out and Mgmnt) are configured and can be reached by ping command.

I think I could be able to play the stream on my PC, using the browser, pointing to udp:// or somehow, since this is the multicas IP defined on TS Stream tab for the encoder web interface.

So, is there any document describing how to first set up this scenario (on both DMM and D9022)?

Or can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot!


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Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There could be alot of issues (not just one) that could be in play here.

The first thing to do here is configure the SA encoder for MPEG2-TS streaming

to output to a Multicast address. 

After doing this...Use your laptop or device on the SAME network on the SA

encoder, to test the Video stream.  Use VLC and Open the Network Stream

for the configured Multicast Address.  Once you have this working, you can

introduce the DMP into the equation.

Make sure you can get the VLC portion working first.  Remember, this is Multicast

and when you cross Network boundaries, Multicast routing needs to be enabled and

the Mcast configuration enabled on routing devices in network.

Let us how it goes!


Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Additional info:

The configuration steps as follows
for the SA Encoder:

* Plug in both Ethernet connections
* Give it a management IP address
* Enable the encoder in the GUI
* Set the Bitrate for video
* Set the multicast address

That is pretty much it.

One note about bitrate. There is a bitrate in the encoder settings, that is 
the actual bitrate of the video. The bitrate settings in the Tsoutput is the 
budget for the video, its essentially a maximum amount of bandwidth that can 
be used. It usually defaults to 10000000 (10mb/s)

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Level 1

Remember to open package Snooping for all switch on its path. due to all switch required to enable multicast package in order to pass all the package to destination.