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IP Phone 9900 Divert Feature Question

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Level 1

Hi all,

I read the Cisco 9951 user guide as follow:

Press the Divert softkey to redirect a ringing or active call to voicemail (or to another phone number set up by your system administrator). You must resume a held call before you can use Divert.

As I known, iDivert can only divert the call to voice mail but not a pre-defined number. Can 9951/9971 IP Phone divert the call to a particular IP Phone when his phone is ring.



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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame


That is not completly accurate, iDivert works the same way as Divert and will divert the call to whatever the voicemail profile on the DN is setup as. Keep in mind that very uncommon you could build a voicemail profile that send the call somewhere other than the VM. 



Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply. Thus, it means Cisco user guide on 9951 is NOT correct. Hope they can amend it soon. BTW, do you know is there any way that user can press a single button to divert the call to other phones during his phone ring? I try the DND feature, But I found once the phone rings and I press the DND, the call will use the "Call forward No answer" setting and reject the call to this phone number <>. However, usually, we will use "CFNA" to voicemail.



How is that incorrect? It states it could be other number as defined by administrator which is true by adjusting voicemail profile.

Unfortunately there is no one button press to divert call to other destiantion, in fact there is no way to do that without answering the phone first and then transferring, sorry :-(

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If create different voicemail profile number for the user, it is not a proper way to divert the call to "different number". Imagine user needs normal voicemail feature, how we can create different voicemail profile pilot number to them. Thus, I said the user guide is mis-leading rather than provide "corrent" information.


I fully agree.  This feature has been asked for in the past and perhaps it is on Cisco's roadmap, but unfortunately is not in the product today.