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Issue with Prime Collab Provisionning

Stephane ZINSOU


I have an issue when trying to add a User Device Profile using Cisco Prime Collab Provisionning 10.6.

I got this error :

"Error encountered while adding User DeviceProfile. IPT-0600: Software - Specified default device profile (Extension Mobility) missing from CallManager or has not been synchronized. Please create this profile on the CallManager and re-synchronize"

Actually, I'm trying to provion services (Extension Mobility Access) for a user that I manually add in PCP.

Does anybody encounter this before?

Thanks for your help.

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Stephane ZINSOU

Finally resolved the issue.

It was a mismatch between Service Name in PCP (in the infrastructure setup) and the name given to extension mobility service in CUCM.


How were you able to fix this?  What is the name given to the Mobility Service in CUCM?

To determine the name of the service in CUCM do the following:

1. In CUCM navigate to "Device > Device Settings > Phone Services"

2. Select the service you are using for Extension Mobility.

3. Copy the "Service Name" and the "Service URL"

4. Navigate in Prime Collaboration Provisioning to "Design > Infrastructure Setup" .

5. Select your CUCM node in the list and click "Edit"

6. In the "Extension Mobility Details" section enter the paste the following information from step 3 (Service Name and Service URL). These values are CASE SENSITIVE, be sure to copy them exactly (manually typing in the values is discouraged.

7. Click save.

8. Perform an infrastructure re-sync in PCP on the just modified CUCM server.

9. Continue to provision EM device profiles through PCP.




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