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MoH through H323 gateway: PROBLEM

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I recently configured MoH on my CCM, and everything is working well from IPPhone to.

When I have to place a call to external world, or to our old analog PBX system, route pattern forward the call to a H323 C3640 router gateway.

This gateway is configured with ISDN VIC-2BRI to operate links to outside.

These links are working well since we use it daily to call outside or old PBX phones.

But if during a conversation, I press the Hold button on my IP phone, the remote external phones (under P&T network or PBX system), are not hearing the music!

I really don't understand since music should be like existing RTP traffic, and then should be forward like voice traffic which is working!

I suspect a H323 capabilities problem, but I'm a little bit lost to troubleshoot this.

Does somebody have any idea?

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Level 1

If you are not using G711 codec try to change the codec to G711.

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Check the "Media Termination Point Required" box on the Call-Manager H.323 Gateway Configuration.

Hereis the Info from Cisco:

If you want a Media Termination Point to

implement features that H.323 does not support

(such as hold and transfer), check the check box.

Use this check box only for H.323 clients and H.323

devices that do not support the H.245 Empty

Capabilities Set message.

Good Luck


Thank you very much Mehmet.

That was exactly the solution.

I applied it and everything is working fine now.

I did not know H323 does not support Hold+Transfer, and that this kind of tips was necessarry ;-)

Thank again.

That was my problem as well. Just ran into this issue. Never knew that I had to check the "Media Termination Point" required for MOH to work.