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Need a technical help

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Level 1

I am using Cme 3945 with Ip phone 7911 all is going smoth and in working order later onn we add 6901 ip phone now the problem is that when i pluged the 6901 ip phone it gets registered in my CME but cant get any number and gives only busy tone attached file are output of my registrerd phones one of them is 7901 which is working fine others are 6901. Any help?????ephone registration.png

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Nadeem Ahmed
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you please paste the show run and version cme ?

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my Cisco IOS is 15.0(1)M with Cme version 7.1. i want to upgrade My Cme from 7.1 to 8.0 or Higher i have some confusion

Let me know what confusion you are having ?

Meanwhile you can check this doc for the excellent answer from Tony @ Cisco;



Br, Nadeem Please rate all useful post.

actually brother my confusion is the following

i want to upgrade to 8.0 or higher version of CME so this cme is come with Cisco IOS menas when i upgrade from  IOS is 15.0(1)M to some other it have the cme version in it or i have to download cme version also?

2nd its in running environment i have 7911 ip phone and also 6901 ip phone the problem is that 7911 phone is working ok but when i plugged 6901 its give only busy tone i check the platfrom support of my ios the 6901 is not in the list thats why i am upgrading and confuse about the lisences that when i upgrade the IOS what about the lisences ?