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Please help with choosing equipment.

Hello everybody!

     My name is Andrey, I am new here and I am sorry in advance for stupid questions. Could you please help me with advices. A small company is moving to a new building. I have to plan and set up network (LAN, WIFI). There will be approximately 60 computers connected to LAN and 40 computers connected to WIFI. There will be 3 subnets. I have CCNA but I don't have much experience in the field.

     Could you please suggest me:

-) What network equipment do I need?

-) What router do I need? What model will fit better for my project? Is one router enough?

-) What switches do I need and how many?

-) What WiFi access points is better to choose and what is the criteria for choosing?

-) Do I need a firewall?

-) What bandwidth do I need?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

Stefan McIntyre

If you reach out to your local Cisco SE they should be able to guide you through this whole process.

I am living in Los Angeles. What is Cisco SE? How can I find them?

Well if you bought the equipment from a Cisco Partner they can help you get in contact with your local Cisco office.  Or do a google search in your area to find the nearest one and call them up.  Or you can use the Planning, Design and Implementation Help Desk.  Cisco Systems <-See Link

Thank you Stefan for all your responses. Just a correction, PDI Helpdesk would not be the right team to assist here but yes as you mentioned in your 1st response, Cisco SE would be the most appropriate team.

Dear All, To know more about PDI Helpdesk, please take a look here

Cheers !!


Sorry about that, thanks for the clarification.

No worries mate, appreciate your efforts on this community.

Cheers !!


Thank you for reply

Hi Andrey, I work with Cisco systems and i can help you out to look for your local Cisco partner and give you initial recommendations on your network please send me an email with your details so i can contact you regarding this inquiry.


Ferdinand Guasque

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