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For Semplicity

I have number of CCM in One cluster. extention number from 2000 to 2999. So how can I install another building or site haveing the same range of extention in the same cluster. I mean for ex:

If each site in a diff. partition so

ext. 2000 in Site A can call ext. 2020 in its partion so easy but how can it reach the same number in the another partition ( Site B )

more over if 2000 in site A want to call 2000 in site B ??

Please help me . I think it is a mater of using CSS with rout patern and transformation but how

Thanks for help

Cisco Employee

This is a late reply. I hope it still helps.

You can use the Variable length on-net dialplan with partitioned-addressing. DNs in each site are in site specific paritions. There is a set of global translation patterns in the global partition for the inter-site calls to happen. The DN's CSS should have access to the site partition and the global partitions. If site A phone calls site B phone, it needs to dial the full E.164 number of site B phone, say 91408.2000. This will hit one of the translation patterns that gets rid of predot digits and sends the call to the site B phone via its hidden CSS.

Rerfer to the IPT SRND dial plan chapter for more details.


Dear toqian

By anyway thanks alote for your reply and help, but I still need more info . reference to my first conversation , I almost understand the concept THEORETICALY but can not understand how to designe the solution or impelement. First of all what do you mean by (Variable length on-net ...).

Reference to your answer :

There are 3 partitions, let Called

"SiteAp"(contain DNs in site A)

"SiteBp" (Contain DNs in Site B)

"Globalp"(contain 2 translation patterns for the inter-site calls for ex. : ext. 2000 in SiteAp call #91408.2000 to reach ext. 2000 in SiteBp and #91409.2000 for the opposit way )

and 2 CSS :

"SiteAcss" (Contain SiteAp and Globalp partitions)

"SiteBcss" (Contain SiteBp and Globalp partitions)

Is it right till now ? .If yes , it's great but I don't understand what did you say "sends the call to the site B phone via its hidden CSS". what do you mean by hidden css? , and finaly if these are all the config what I need so how does the mechanism or the flowchart of dialing the last example work ?

There is no IPT SRND dial plan chapter in the URL you gave me.

I hope to find a reply as soon as possible because I'm about to enter the live implementation phase

Thanks for help

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