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TAPI LineOpen Request Fails with (0x8000004B)-LINEERR_RESOURCEUNAVAIL


I have multiple Cisco TSP instances setup on the machine. Each Cisco TSP instance has been setup to hook up with a different Cisco CTI Manager. My application uses TAPI to monitor CTI devices. There are arround 3000 devices spread across Cisco TSP instances. I use Cisco Super Provider feature to dynamically assoicate devices with Cisco TSP user profiles and use lineOpen TAPI API to monitor the devices.

These devices are acquired and monitored at application start-up as well as any new device when requested by the user while application is running is monitored via the same mechanisim. What I have noticed is that Cisco TSP intermittently rejects the lineOpen request for some devices. Failure reason comes back is (0x8000004B) - LINEERR_RESOURCEUNAVAIL

I have got few questions and needs some help to figure out what is the best way of dealing with it:

1) What makes Cisco TSP to reject the lineOpen request with above failure reason?
2) Should I retry to open the line in case of above failure?
3) Would it be a good apprach to retry with some interval so that it gives breathing to Cisco TSP?
4) Should applicaiton keep on retrying until it succeeds or if Cisco TSP offers a way to tell application when it should retry?
5) Are there any failure reasons against which application should not retry?

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Could someone give some input/opinion on this please?

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