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Voice Network Configuration Question


Hello everyone. I have been tasked by our Executive Leadership to see if we can integrate Microsoft Teams with our Cisco VoIP platform (CUCM 11.5.1). I understand that this can work and have already found articles regarding how to accomplish this. However, we have about 150 call center agents on UCCX 11.6. Most agents sit in the office, but on rare occasions will work from home. Currently our agents use EM as they rotate desks often. When the agent needs to work remotely they utilize a Cisco IP Communicator. All of this current setup works perfectly for us. Our challenge is that we use Microsoft Teams for IM and our C-suite would like to integrate that with our voice platform for ease of use and remote voice capabilities. Users outside of the call center currently do not use a soft phone product. My question is can we utilize both? Can we continue using CIPC for our call center agents and also integrate with Teams? I know that we have to use CIPC as our soft phone option for our call center agents since they use EM. No other option will work for us in that regard. Would there be any issues with having that Teams integration along side our current setup?


Thanks in advance for your time and feedback!

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Roger Kallberg
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VIP Expert
There should be no problem with this. One thing to keep in mind is that you would likely get two disparate call admissions domains, so make sure that you have adequate bandwidth available.

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