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Fabric Interconnect and storage solutions


Please I would like to clarify a question, is that a solution of storage, such as EMC VNX5300 can be connected directly to a Fabric Interconnect, but would lose functionality when connected to a Nexus 5000 switch. I would like someone to clarify this doubt indicating that functionality is lost when direct connection would be advisable to FI or the Nexus.


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Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

In versions of UCS earlier than 2.1, you had the  option to useDirect Attached Storage DAS with UCS. However, you needed a SAN switch connected  to the FI so the switch could push the zone database to the FI. That is,  the UCS platform was not able to build a zone database

With the release of Version 2.1, UCS now has the  ability to build its own zone database. You can have DAS with UCS  without the need for a SAN switch to push the zoning configuration

hope this helps

Level 1
Level 1

sure you can, but only with the latest UCS Manager firmware. You need to set switching mode for the FC, and configure zoning at the Fabric Interconnect switches.

If you need help with the configuration please do let me know and I'll post a document about it.



I am setting up a 5400 directly to a FI 6248UP with the latest firmware.  Can you post the document you mentioned above?  This is my first o around with this.  thanks!

Sure, let me look it up and I'll post it.



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