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Lifespan of UCSC-C220-M4S & UCS C240 M4 server's

Prashant Nagar

Dear Experts,

In my company we are using UCSC-C220-M4S & UCS C240 M4 server since 2016 and we are running SAP Application on it.My manager is asking me if we need to upgrade to a new hardware or we keep using the same.

As per there life cycle i can see ther End of Support is 2024-02-29. So do we need to replace our servers. I am not sure like for how many years we can keep using the server hardware. Please suggest if we can use the same hardware till its end of support data(2024-02-29).I am just wondering from 2016 to 2024 its gonna to be 8 years. So can we use a Server hardware for 8 years or any templates to measure the same.

Please share your views on it.

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Personally there is no lifespan for the silicon - i do have some in my cupboard old P2 or core2 still running - but modern application can not run, but old BSD still run and running as small FW still.


coming back to your question - Cisco announced end of life - since there no parts or new manufacturing available to replace that parts.

it does not mean that you need to dump the hardware, you can use it as long as it running - and you have alternative plan to replace the service (when they are critical) - it is hard to get down time and when the hardware go down or malfunction, downtime of service more costly than buying supported hardware.


make sense ?



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Dear Balaji,

i agree with you.

But what should be the correct duration normally to change the hardware before they become critical.Is there anything to measure the same.

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