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Pings drop for VM host connected to VPC switches

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

So I have a VM on a server that is connected to a Sw1 and Sw2 that are configured for VPC so the server the VM is on is dual homed.

I can ping the VM at for couple minutes or so then I can't for couple minutes or so.

The switches do all the routing for the subnet with SVI10 which is configured with HSRP.

Anyone know what I should check if connectivity/ping to the host works sometimes and sometimes not?

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

This is supposedly only with host in this vlan/subnet. Like I said, issue is only intermittent with sw2.


Here are some applicable configs:

interface Vlan214    (all same for both peer switches in VPC domain except where noted)                                                           
  description VM                                                      
  no shutdown                                                                   
  no ip redirects                                                               
  ip address                                                   
  hsrp 10                                                                      
    priority 105  (default priority on peer switch 2)                                                              
    track 1 
Both interfaces for port connected to server same
interface Ethernet1/8                                                           
  speed 1000                                                                    
  description Server                                               
  switchport mode trunk                                                         
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 10
switchport trunk native vlan 100                                            
  no shutdown 
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