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VNMC/VSG Upgrade

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Level 1

Hello guys,

this is my first post and I do know I have a lot of questions. If I did something wrong please bear with me and do point me on the right direction so I can fix my wrongs.

We currently have VNMC and VSG installed at version 2.0.3f. The customer is looking at doing an upgrade to this software. Also, they are looking at buying two more VNMC/ VSG so they can have High availability. Is that needed or can they have active/pasive like for the Nexus 1000v? After we do the upgrade do they need to re-license?

Also, I did notice a message at the upgrade site that says that the software now became Prime Network Services Controller. If I have an active smartnet can I do the upgrade? Or is it so different that it's not allowed.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you guys could provide.



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Peter Koltl
Level 7
Level 7

Choose Prime NSC as you have the support. It will be familiar, just new look-and-feel.

VSG is also licensed per CPU. Active/standby setup is recommended.

One VNMC/PrimeNSC is enough, redundancy should be implemented by means of VMware HA.

Just check the installation guides.