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CCNP Lab setup

Hi Guys,

I've to propose a cisco equipment list to setup a complete lab  for "CCNP R&S" course, this lab setup should be able to simulate the entire course contents/theories of the three modules including route, swithc and Tshoot).

So what is the recommended lab setup to met the above requirment? Further we are looking forward to purchase new equipment, rather than considering the re-purbished equipments. Please advise.



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Andrew Cink

Depends on your budget, of course.

To cover the switch portion, you would want two 3560 models (3560, 3560G, 3560E, 3560X, depending on how much money you have to burn) and two 2960 models (again, G, PoE, etc) depending on what you're after.

For routers, I haven't finished building my lab yet, but I'd want 1841's or 19xx's. Something that can run 15.x code. I think to really run anything, you'd want at least 4 routers, plus serial WIC-1T cards, serial crossover (DB-60) cables, and at least a 4 port serial module for one router. I'd probably want at least one big router, like a 3845 or 39xx.

I'd probably want 4 18xx/19xx remote site routers, and 1 38xx/39xx hq site router. You can use GNS3 to simulate the routers though really, so most of my focus has been on switches.

Good luck!


I am just bought 2 of c3550 emi and 3 2950g and 1 2950t , do u think can help me in my ccnp ?


Ayman, those are fine. You might want to look for 3560 or 3750 that can do private vlans.

You can also logon to my Cisco Catalyst Switch Lab. It is all free, no registration or anything.

telnet 49001

telnet 49002

telnet 49003

For network diagram and updates, go to More switches coming soon. Thanks!

My free lab now has 6 switches (4 of them L3 capable), and can be used to simulate Cisco's 3 Layer Model: access layer, distribution layer, and core layer.

telnet 49001

telnet 49002

telnet 49003

telnet 49004

telnet 49005

telnet 49006

I don't think I will add anymore. I have 2 x 2621XM routers that I might add as part of a routing and tunneling lab.

My lab now has 8 devices. 2 routers were just added, and a tunnel to a free lab site in Europe has been established.

If you have a Cisco lab you want to share online, and want to do a tunnel, please email me. Thanks!

Hi Choi,

I can't access your lab.Please invite me, I really interest to study switching..This is my mail


The posting you're replying to is 4 years old.

It's probably safe to assume the original poster has moved on.

Hi Choi,

I can't access your lab.Please invite me, I really interest to study switching..This is my


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