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I would like to know the bandwidth I need for 7 computers. Will 128K frame relay be enough? Is there a formula to figure out the bandwidth?



There are a ton of variables to consider when trying to size a circuit.

Will all seven be used at the same time? Will they be accessing the internet via this link? Will they be mapping shared drives to servers on the other side of the link. Will they be accessing e-mail across this link from an e-mail server? etc.

Normally, seven devices doing random e-mail, random internet, etc. would run fine on a 56k line. If you introduce drive mapping across the link, large e-mail attachments, large file transfers, video, or audio, a larger ciruit is better.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your quick response.

All 6 computers will be accessing the internet and e-mail at the same time. The other computer is not in use all the time.

Those 6 users will not share drive mappings on the other side of the link. They will be accessing

e-mail across this link from an e-mail server.

So, would you still install 128K frame relay? Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks a lot for your input.

A 128k circuit should be fine for your setup. If per chance all 6 devices were accessing a large e-mail attachement at the same time, you would notice some slowdown in internet response times but that is not likely to happen very often if at all.

You can always upgrade to a 128k/256k frame-relay circuit if that becomes a major issue.

Good Luck

Sorry this reply to awhile as the Holidays have kept me out of the office.