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SaTOP Clocking ASR 901

I have been working on a solution of carrying TDM over IP network (MPLS) - been labbing but it's eluding me. So far I am working with ASR 901's which give me a few options based on document and the manual. I am getting a T1 fed from a metaswitch whch provides clocking.    

Option 1 In−band PW/Adaptive Clocking is not supported on the ASR 901  

Option 2 BITS clocking - kind of defeats the purpose if you are trying to transport TDM over distance to have a T1 between them to provide clocking. (unless perhaps you could stick something like at each "site" to provide clock - but does this not conflict with the clock the metaswitch is sending?)  

Option 3 Synchronous Ethernet Clocking or Sync-E - requires every intermediary Ethernet device to support it/not feasible   

Option 4 Out−of−band PW Clocking (virtual−cem) - not supported on ASR 901  

Option 5 PTP Clocking (Timing over Packet) or IEEE 1588v2 - set this up but do not see a way to tell ROUTER1 to get clock from the metaswitch and then use that as the primary clock source to send to ROUTER2, then out that T1 to a 2811 VWIC-1MFT-T1  

Maybe someone has some experience with this or can point me in the right direction. I've been working it for a while now and am fairly confused.

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