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Cisco 8620 artifacts in SASD

We just posted our first of the model 8620 camera.  Upon it coming up, I noticed occasional artifacts at the bottom.  After looking at the camera directly through the browsers, I've noted that the artifacts only appear when looking at the camera via SASD, not when viewing the camera directly. Our VSOM / SASD is current at 7.12.1, and I just updated the camera firmware to the latest as well.  Any suggestions?  See example of what I'm seeing in image below:





Re: Cisco 8620 artifacts in SASD

I've seen versions of your artifacts before, which seem to appear when the streaming load is too high. Are you seeing the little red icons that warn of dropped packets and network slowdown? I've also noticed that although most of the cameras have specs that allow super quality and speed, the system doesn't seem to like it and the icon of the network speed/quality will go red, also.

Try dropping your setup on some cameras to a lower quality setting, whether the default in a camera template or custom created.

See if you don't notice your artifacts when your network is busiest.


Re: Cisco 8620 artifacts in SASD

I think you may very well be right as I think I experienced this several years ago when we installed some other newer cameras.  The thing that's interesting is I have these issue now with 2 cameras (different models) that are newer, however, at another location i have cameras set with higher settings and they don't do this, so I'm not sure if there is a network issue.  This is how I have the settings on one of the cameras getting the artifacts:


Video Quality: low
Field Of Views: N/A
Media Type: H_265
Format: NTSC
Framerate: 5
Bitrate: 256
Bitrate Mode: CBR
Resolution: 1280x960
Transport Type: UDP_UNICAST
Predicted Bitrate: N/A


Any suggestions to try in particular?


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