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Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

I am logged to this particular system as administrator for 100%.

What about DxPlayInstaller -- can't find it.


Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Nope, I have not seen mentioned post.

bcc.technik.ip wrote:

have you tried to reinstall the DxPlayinstaller ( not only deactivate it in IE!! ) ?

How should I reinstall it? There is no such programs in Add/Remove:

Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Such availability from my perspective is not:


Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Today is the last day of testing period, and it looks like we won't bring the camera up.

Cisco Employee

Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

sorry, clicked wrong reply button

Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Here is a solutuon.

First of all, if you have similar issues, you must manually download DxPlayer directly from camera.

The address for download is: https://192.168.0.x/utility/

It might be http, not https, be aware. And do not forget to change 0.x with you camera's ip address.

After download, extract both files -- DxPlay.inf and DxPlayInstaller.msi -- and run .msi file.

It runs with no messages and you must check if it's installed in Add/Remove Programs:

Second step, what you must do, is to turn off all security things in IE. FF and Chrome won't work, don't even try.

I was able to bring CIVS-IPC-4500 up in IE8, here is a proof:

But camera is still not in full operation -- Motion Detection does not work.

When press "Save Settings" error message appears:

Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Snapshot doesn't work either:

It says that in GDI+ arise error of common view. I have to clue, what it means.

No need to say that no snapshoots were created.

Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

If after all this shaman's dances your camera still doesn't want to show any picture, make sure that SRTP is on:

Without SRTP camera shows only Malevich's square and nothing else.


Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Do you know if I can view the live video of CIVS-IPC-4500 through a third party application? Thank you !


Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Hi Jie,

If you are asking about 3rd party custom written applications, you would have to contact the Cisco Physical Security Business Unit and make a case for requesting the camera API for the current HD camera firmware.  With the API doc, a skilled programmer should be able to author a custom app to view video.  Use the email alias to request the camera API.

If on the other hand you mean an off the shelf or freeware program, VLC Media Player can be used.  You may have to try an older version of VLC if you have trouble with later releases.  I believe 0.9.4 worked.  If you need them, the older versions of VLC may be found here:

High Definition (HD) IP Camera

VLC Media Player can also be used to view the video streams from Channel 1

and Channel 2 from the HD IP camera. Accessing the Video Stream on the HD IP camera requires gathering additional

information from the HD IP Camera. You must access the HD IP Camera via HTTP to gather the following

parameters: sessionID, ChannelName for Both Channels.

• Navigate to the Streaming Settings on the Camera web page and get the sessionID parameter from the “URL”

ie. HTTP to HD IP Camera

• Confirm & Record the Channel Name (s). For Example, "Channel1" or “Channel2”.

URL Location: rtsp://< HD CAMERA IP ADDRESS >/StreamingSetting

StreamingSetting ?version=1.0&action=getRTSPStream&sessionID=< SESSION-ID >&ChannelID=< 1 or 2

>&ChannelName=< Channe1 or 2>





In the example above, is the HD Camera IP Address.
‣ 1234567 is the sessionID from the URL. This will be different for each new session.
‣ Channel ID is “1” and ChannelName is “Channel1” (the primary stream from this camera.)

Follow the SAME steps for VLC that are listed in the SD IP Camera section above. The ONLY change is the “Media
Resource Locator (MRL)” address. Just use the HD IP Camera URL format shown above.

I hope that helps...


Cisco Employee

Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Interesting. I was able to install the DxPlay.msi. After clearing  IE8's browser cache, cookies and restarting the browser an error message  popped up when opening the View Video screen:

"Failed to setup DirectShow Filter Graph


System.Runtime,InteropServices.COMException  (0x80040273): Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID  {51B4ABF3-748F-4E3B-A276-C828330E926A} from the IClassFactory failed due  to the following error: 80040273.

at DxPlay.VideoControl.setupGraph(Control hWin, String FileName, ViewerSetting viewerSetting)"

strange ;-)



Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

Im getting the same errors on FF and IE

Dont know wt to do, ive tried everything mentioned is this post so far with no luck!



Im still getting the same error as above: "Failed to setup DirectShow Filter Graph"



Hi Mishaal,

It sounds as if you may be hitting a known bug in earlier versions of VSM. 

This occurs with the VS Client for 6.2.0 and 6.2.1 releases on Windows XP SP2 (and SP3)

The defect  is CSCte46953

When viewing the 4500 camera directly, error message :

Failed to setup DirectShow Filter Graph

4500 camera  (I believe only with H.264 codec)


Un-install DxPlayInstaller from Control Panel in Windows.

Then connect to the camera web interface and allow Active X to install which will re-install DxPlayInstaller

I hope that helps,

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