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CLI path to log files in CPAM?

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Level 1

I have set up email alerts and everything looks like it should be working. I get no errors from the mail relay but the email never gets sent. Does anyone know the path to the log file I can tail to see if CPAM is having an issue?

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Gerald Burgess
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


webapp.log is where I was able to find the messages.

Thanks Jerry!

Ha!  As it turns out there is a second place to define an outgoing email host.

if you right click on the automation driver and select edit, one of the options is the SMTP Server Settings.

That's the smtp server the automation driver uses.  The other one is used in password recovery.  In there you can enter the smtp server and if it needs it, a user and password to access the smtp server.  Don't forget to fill in the location. 

You learn something new every day around here.