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Vance Krier

VSM 7 Camera Auto Discovery using DHCP on a Windows Server

Hey Netpros!

Wondering if anyone has tackled this topic yet.  I looked at it briefly and doesn't seem to be straight forward.  Before I spin my wheels too much, I'm curious if anyone has gotten dhcp option 125 working on a windows server (2003, 2008 or 2012) for purposes of camera discovery.

If so, do you mind sharing the basic steps?




I am facing the same scenario, I have Option 125 configured on the Windows 2008 DHCP server (I think correctly), but the cameras are not populating as i would expect in VSM.

  Reason I say I believe "correctly", is I believe the only requirement for adding DHCP option 125 to the server only requires you configure the option set to support a long hex value, then its only a matter of converting the IP address to hex, HOWEVER... like I said, the cameras are not populating.


Hey Chris,

Yes, unfortunately, I think its more than that.  I did some sniffer captures of the process and the Option 125 is not delivered as part of the initial offer.  Rather, the normal dhcp request, offer, ack process happens.  Then, a short time later, the camera sends an additional packet requesting information for additional options, including 125.

A Cisco IOS dhcp server will respond with the correct info, the windows server does not.  I've been unable to figure out how to get that to work and have just resorted to IOS dhcp on the camera vlans...unfortunately.

I'd love to hear if anyone figures out the secret handshake to get this working.



Scott Donahue

I have an open TAC case and nothing so far has been figured out... VERY frustrated especially trying to add over 250 cameras.


I did a bit of searching and found the following documentation for DMMs when using medianet to discover. It seems as though Win 2003/2008 doesn't respond back as needed, and that team needed to create a new DLL for windows to add the functionality.

Look under MSI Service Discovery for the details on how to enable it on different types of servers. Unfortunately, I havent found that DLL anywhere, so it's not totally helpful, but I'll provide a link if I can find it.


Do you have to set the VCI like you do when setting up LWAPPs? This may be of some assistance. Good luck!

Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor

It's a bit more complicated than a typical DHCP option based on what I've seen.  The cameras follow up *after* address assignment and fire off a DHCPInform packet requesting the single additional option (Option 125 for VSMS endpoint).  At this point, the DHCP Server *should* respond with a DHCPACK packet containing the valid option data, but so far, a MS based DHCP service doesn't appear to handle the DHCPInform packets properly.  I've only ever seen it attempt to respond with a blank Option 43 value, which is obviously of no use to us.

I've done some research regarding the use of the DHCP Service API to create a "callout DLL" coded in C++ to provide a method to handle the inform packets, but unfortunately this is not deemed a priority by my management.

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Scott Donahue

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I was setting up my spy camera using windows as my OS. Never had issue tough by following the simple guidelines.

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