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Vsom 7.0 Camera Recording Bug on vmware



One of our installation we have a vsom and one media server on a ucs-c-220 and they are all running on two virtual deployed part. In the architecture we have 20 indoor Nd outdoor 6400 and 6020 sweries cameras and they are all recording to a netapp with iscsi all cameras are recording 1080p and 10 fps but 4 cameras are deleting  from last 5 hours. When we choose other caneras they are recording overall 20 days but these 4 cameras Re recording only last 5-6 hours. Is there any one who live this problem?

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Cory Blackman
Hi anil.varol, What was the method of iSCSI attachment you used in VMWare? Please detail that, did you resolve this issue? Was it camera firmware perhaps?

Branden Varney
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

For those with similar issues in the future as it looks like this is a dated issue at this point.

Are these four cameras located on the same media server? If so please follow steps below

  1. Please check the media partition those specific cameras are being saved to which are found in
  2. https://<VSMS_ip_address>/vsmc   --> Monitor  --> Media Server --> Recordings
  3. note the media#/####    the "Media#" indicates the partition
  4. then in VSOM click on System Settings tab then Servers link
  5. select the server the cameras are located on
  6. In the services section select the advance clipboard on the Media Server row
  7. Then here you will be able to coorelate the "Media#" partitions and see if they are full or close to the thresh hold you set
  8. If your media partitions are well below your set thresh holds please open a TAC case so we can dig deeper



Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Are they all configured with the same template?  i.e. - Should they all be operating with a 20 day retention policy, or is it possible they've been configured with an alternate recording strategy?

If you check the camera properties for "Streaming, Recording, and Events", how are the cameras in question actually configured.  In particular, the values highlighted in the following example:


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