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ASP.Net Webforms and Duo Universal Prompt


Are there any actual working examples out there on how to integrate Duo Universal Prompt with an ASP.Net Webforms application? The only article that appears for this is search is at

But, I am getting empty querystrings in the Page_Load event handler of the redirect page. Any guidance will be helpful.

If I add MVC functionality to my ASP.Net Framework project, will it be possible to make the authentication work? The example C# project provided by Duo github is a .Net Core project. I see that the callback.cshtml page that receives the authentication information once the user has been returned from the Duo authentication page. Will it work on a .Net Framework MVC page if I introduce MVC to my project?

If nothing else, can I get an example of implementing it with MVC or Razor pages for an ASP.Net Framework 4x project?



Thank you.

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I was able to make the Universal Prompt work.

The following is for anyone who is in the same situation as me.

I added MVC scaffolding to my WebForms project. Then added two Controllers, with one having a View file. Once the Global.asax determines that MFA is needed, then it redirects to the "Caller" Controller. The Caller actually calls the duo API. The "Callback" controller as set in web.config as "Redirect URI", receives the authentication results and proceeds based on the results. It may redirect to the original URL that the user  had requested. I hope you have it somewhere in the Session variable set in Global.asax. You can contact me directly for code sample if needed. 

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