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Windows Server 2022 RDG Duo Web not showing up

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I have installed a new server with OS version MS Server 2022 and are running our deployment of Remote Desktop Gateway server and Remote Desktop Web and this works as intended.

After i added your software duo-rdweb-2.3.0 i expected the server to show me a DUO prompt when trying to login to the web interface but i still get straight in to our applications without the DUO prompt even trying to show something

Does duo-rdweb-2.3.0 support Windows Server 2022?

If it does i would need some help trying to troubleshoot this error to get back the DUO prompt to our web interface

Kind Regards

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I don't know if this article is outdated but there it says rdweb-2.3.0 is supported until windows 2019 and DUO 2FA is not supported for web client for RDS 2016/2019

I hope it helps

Most probably 2.3.0 isn't compatible but they released the new 3.0 version three days ago. You should test that.


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Tried to update the DUO RDweb application but got the error attached when trying to login to RDweb portal..

Also tried to setup a new RDweb server but the same thing there so i dont think that the update in question is working as intended..2024-02-02 07_52_44-Runtime Error.png

Hi @anton10 ,

Sorry you're having issues with the RD Web application. That last screenshot you shared doesn't really say what's happening. That page is IIS telling you there was some error but you don't have IIS configured to show you the actual error in the browser.

If you open the Application event log in Windows Event Viewer and look for a runtime error from .NET that should provide some insight into what's happening.

Also, did you uninstall Duo 2.3.0 from your server before installing 3.0.0 or did you do an in-place upgrade to 3.0.0?

ETA: Here are some steps for enabling debug logging.

Duo, not DUO.
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