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SPA232D - CUCM 9.1

I am trying to get a SPA232D and ATA registered with Call Manager


I have done the following:

1. Placed the device in Bridge Mode

2. Added it to CUCM as a Advacned 3rd Party SIP Device

3. Made a Copy of Advanced Sip Security Profile and added the digest authentication feature

4. Added the above security profile to the device

5. Added a User in CUCM and set a digest password

6. Associated the user with the phone


When I try to register the handset, I get "Not Registered" message

When I select "Network Settings" on Handset, I get "Base Not Available " message. I get the same message when I press "SIP Settings" Button

I have the ATA plugged into my LAN on the ETHERNET port. I can see the ATA in my mac address table, and the port is up/up. But I do not see any IP address. Tried plgging my LAN into the Internet port and got the same results

I tried statically assiging the ATA, plugged my LAn into the Ethernet port and could not ping it. However, I could ping it locally plugged into my laptop


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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