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Router RV325. How to configure both wan interfaces without load balance? need help

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Hi everyone, i´m installing a RV325 SMB Router on a client. This client has a WAN internet link (WAN1) and now they are adding a WAN deddicated link (WAN2) to another site (also with a RV325). I´m having trouble configuring the two wan links, because i don´t want to load balanced with both wans. What i want is to leave the WAN1 link just for Internet, and the WAN2 link for communications between devices in the private network, access to servers located on the other site, etc.


I need help configuring this, because the router tries to balance traffic by default with WAN2 and because is a dead end... the internet connection is lost completelly. I have configured a static route for the traffic destined to a specific private segment, but is not working. I have thought in configuring a VPN gateway-to-gateway between both sites but is it really necessary? i mean.. it is a private link, and the overhead of the encryption can also affect the speed.


On the other hand, if i configure it with Smart Link Backup... the WAN2 goes in standby mode and i can´t route data through it.

If it where an ISR router i could easily configure two static routes for each interface and route my traffic with no sweat. But i´m boxed by the SMB firmware.


Please i need some guidance, some tips or an example configuration for this case. I Hope somebody can help me out.

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Router RV325 i do not have in hand to test this device kind setup like you.


But how about using PBR based on your requirement like example .


anything other than x.x.x.x (your other router range IP) go to Internet

anything x.x.x.x use other router




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Try to add a PBR for All traffic for specific destination IP range


thanks! i´ll try and let you know. What about the vpn solution? any thoughts?

How do you find this interface on the RV325 menu - I can't see it anywhere!


Thanks in advance

Thanks, i´ll try and let you know. What do you think about the VPN option?