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RV130W IPSec Tunnel

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We've set up a IPSec Tunnel between 2 RV130W routers, with firmware

On each side, there is a PPoE connection, with dynamic public IP address. So each side of the tunnel is using a FQDN to find back it's counterpart.

So far so good, but the VPN is not that stable : from time to time, some computers cannot access resources on the other side until both routers are restarted. Also, some computers cannot access the internet using the router's wifi AP.

The idea was to upgrade the firmware on both routers and hope this would solve these glitches, but having done so, it seems we loose the use of a FQDN remote endpoint when configuring the IPSec Tunnel, and thus have to input a fixed IP address, which is possible in our case.

Could someone using a firmware confirm ? Maybe did we miss Something, and are still able to configure the VPN tunnel using a FQDN only ?


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Level 5

I also have DHCP assigned IP addresses. I simply put them in as static (I've never tested the fqdn option). The only time I've had any issues is when the ISP changes their backend network and my IP address completely changes. That's only happened twice between 6 routers in 5 years. Other than that, never an issue. I'd just set it static and not worry about it.

My ISP allows me to call them and they can tell me the IP address even when I'm not on site. I've used this method when my tunnel broke due to an IP address change. I just then remoted into the router using the new IP, changed the tunnel configuration for the new IP and was back up in running in 15 minutes.

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Hello My name is Jonathan, and i am one of the Engineers here at Cisco SBSC,

I apologize for the inconvenience with the unit. I tested on our lab the unit with the firmware version and FQDN is still available on this as well i tested with and i am able to use it. can you let me know if you are referring to the vpn policy table where we have this and the ip address option or is it any other configuration that you are having issues with?, please try a reflash of the latest version and then a factory reset, if you want to save the config file first, you can upload it after it and check if the option appears. 

 If you need further help feel free to contact us and we can open a case for you. thanks