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RV320 Problems

Level 1
Level 1
Firmware Version:v1.3.2.02 (2016-09-23, 15:17:06) About once a week our VPN (Gateway-Gateway) link goes down undetected by the RV320 on each end. Disconnect and Connect fails to work and the router must be restarted. The second problem is System Management/Restart does not actually restart the router (as of 1.3.2) meaning we have to physically reset the unit. Any updates coming, I've been waiting. Thanks Chris Woodrow
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Level 1
Level 1

I just tried the restart function on my RV320 and it worked fine, although it was programmed from scratch on the current firmware and was not an upgraded config from a previous version etc.  Maybe the reboot issue only occurs after extended runtime or is specific to having an active VPN gateway?

I've started a bug thread for this router of easily reproducible problems for Cisco to address here:

Thanks, You could be right, trying a restart now works fine.

Of course normally when I try a restart is when the VPN is dead.

This does lead to a question on resource leaking or some similar issue.

Not sure 6-20 days before a VPN crashes fits into your definition of easily reproducible problems.


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