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RV320 - SSL Certificate Issue / Admin lock-out

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Level 1

I have a RV320 that apparently has an invalid SSL certificate installed on it.  I have attempted to "factory reset" the device with pushing the reset button for 10+ seconds.  This has had no effect and the device admin page continues to be locked out.  Does anyone know another method that can be used to get this certificate cleared off so we can get a proper one installed.  Also does anyone know if there is any limits or requirements for the SSL certificates for this device.


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Level 1

Unfortunately, like for other known problems, seems that passed years and they are still here.

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Level 1

I had this issue and solved it by doing the following:

1. Reset it to factory defaults by holding in Reset button for 10 seconds

2. Followed the instructions here to flash it with an older firmware. I used But when I tried to flash it the TFTP command timed out so I did the following:

a. Turned off Windows Firewall

b. Renamed the firmware file to just "v13202.bin"

c. Turned off all protocols etc on the NIC except IPv4, Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing.

After this I could successfully TFTP the firmware and the unit rebooted several times.

3. Accessed the admin page of the RV325 and did a "factory default including certificates" reset. (Do it with Chrome, Edge just refused to connect for some reason)

4. Upgraded to the latest firmware.

Thank you very much for this solution !
After trying almost everything (and lost 10 hours) this solution worked. By the way, on the PC with IP it worked with win7 (maybe this causes also some errors).
Bye ...

Hi there.
I have the same problem. But I can't connect with TFTP (10054). So I have scanned router with nmap and can't found open ports (ssh or ftp). 

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi lenar,

Please call our support line to open a support ticket, we may be able to arrange a hardware replacement for your unit if you are unable to recover it using the procedure described by wahlstam

Link for Small Business contacts:

I can connect using SSH but it is useless because it only shows access-rules and vlans.

This certificate issue is a trap.

I´m locked out too.

I´m figuring out a way to disable certificate check trough web.


Already a solution for the corrupt certificate?

Can you lockout de cert check in the browser?


In EDGE I am getting:



In Opera: The pop-up box for going to secure page , but nothing happens.


This helped, but I still could not get TFTP working.

How I did get it to work with firmware on the router, was to let the router boot fully.

I held the reset button for about 35 seconds and then noticed the the power and Diag LEDs were in the same mode as after a startup reset for 10 seconds. So I tried the tftp again and it worked.

Just thought I would through this up here just in case anyone else has the same problem. Lost a bunch of company hours because a full reset wouldn't clear Certs and ended up buying another router.