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Setup VPN on WRV210 as second router

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Level 1

I am attempting to setup a network containing two routers, a primary giving me ADSL internet access (a 3com 3CRWDR101A-75) and a secondary router that has VPN (Cisco WRV210).

The primary router has the following LAN settings: / with DHCP enabled.

WRV210 has the following LAN settings: / with DHCP enabled.

Cable connection is from LAN port of first router to Internet port on second router.

In this way, I'm able to get internet browsing on 2 laptops connected to WRV210

I have also a Panasonic IP PBX connected on the second LAN (the WRV210)

I need to setup the VPN on WRV210 to be able to get SIP calls from outside of the local networks (through internet).

As I am a novice in networking, both routers are on DEFAULT setting.

I have learned a lot during the last 7 days to be able to understand the networking concepts but failed to setup the correct configuration.

For example if I change WRV210 from gateway mode to Router mode, I will not able to browse the internet despite the Help that says "Select the mode in which this Router will function. If this Router is hosting your networks connection to the Internet, select Gateway. If another Router exists on your network, select Router. When Router is chosen, Dynamic Routing will be enabled"

Also i am able to ping the first LAN 192.168.0.x from WRV210 but not on the other side (from primary router to WRV210).

I am confused to use and combine different settings (NAT, Routing, Ports, ...)

I very much appreciate if someone could provide a step by step to configure the proper network and be able to reach my IP-PBX on the second LAN from anywhere.

Thank you

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Accepted Solutions

Hi Ghassan, the port forwarding should be set up on the WRV210 router. The 3com device is basically a non-factor. If you need assistance with creating port forwarding, please call the small business support center.

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