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Unable to install Virtual Passage under Windows 7 (RVL200)


I have been using the RVL200 in two sites for some time now. I us IE7 under Vista without any problem.

But using IE8 under Windows 7 there is no way to make it work. I habilitated the download of unsigned ActiveX in IE8, I ran IE8 and Firefox as administrator, but Virtual Passage refuses to install.

Has anybody succeeded in accessing the RVL using Windows 7? Is Cisco (Linksys) working on a solution to this problem?

Milton Ulmer

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Upon further research it appears that the SSL VPN driver (SSLDrv.sys or associated dll - XTunnel.dll) is incompatible with Win7.

This should not be that hard to fix....Is Cisco listening yet? Even a temporary executable fix would be suitable (yes I know that defeats the purpose of the SSL VPN, but hell, it does not work anyway)

Sorry, I meant the  Cisco presales person, I thought the cisco person's name was Dan. Sorry about that.


Cisco, Is there any update on this issue, or when we can expect a firmware release??

David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

At the moment there is no ETA  on the firmware release.


Has there been any progress in testing/releasing the update that supports Windows 7?  I am starting to feel like Linksys/Cisco has orphaned us here.  Maybe it's time to switch to a competitor.

I too am stuck.  I just bought this product a few months ago and since upgrading all remote PCs to Win7 they have not been functional.  I tried XP with IE8 to test nad it works like a charm so it's not the new IE8 that's not supported.  I know this is a small-margin product to be spending countless hours of engineering support with firmware updates, but it's still on the market and is a good product for the SMB SSL-VPN market.  It's got solid functionality and works for the most part, so support for Win7 would extend it's life another 5 years...please cisco, please update this product to work with Windows 7!!!

I am aware that the support for Win7 is in the development pipeline. However there is no firm ETA at the moment.


is there any update on this? i am not very happy at the moment with this issue at all. there has to be a way to "fix" the windows 7 issue. i have tried windows7 32bit and 64bit editions, ie in compatible mode and firefox. because this an advertised small business product i would expect more...

They have solved the problem!!!!

On Jan 29th Cisco announced the End of Life of the RVL200 router so you had better start looking for another solution.

So that's such an unexpected bad news.

This product was only released a few years ago an it is already no longer supported!

There are so many RVL200 users waiting for Windows 7 support..

This is such a big disappointment. 

  Does anyone know of a similar product - Router with SSL VPN? Prefferably not Linksys/Cisco,


The  Netgear FVS336G seems to be a good alternative

Please read End-Of-Life-Notices carefully!

It clearly says that only select models are affected. It applies to the Asia/Pacific, Australia/New Zealand, and United Kindom models with the mentioned part numbers RVL200-AS, RVL200-AU, RVL200-UK. For Asia Pacific it is recommended to migrate to the RVL200-EU if necessary. The US model is not mentioned anywhere.

I would say they clean up the number of models for various markets. The end-of-life notice does not mean that they won't update the firmware to support Windows 7, at least for all other models than then three mentioned. are absolutely correct but how and why does it take so long to provide a patch for something that was in the pipeline for so long (i.e. Windows 7).  Even if the RVL200 is not in EOL it might as well be as we are not getting support and have to find an alternative!



Has there been any movement on this front?  I have been waiting patiently for an update.  Should I look into purchasing a new router or should I wait it out some more?


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