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2900 Series with an EHWIC-VA-DSL-A. Configuration Issues?

Hi to all, I hope that you can help with the next scenario:

I need to configure an EHWIC VDSL/ADSLoPOTS interface card in a 2921 router to link to the ISP which service is an ADSL line with downlink 10 Mbps and uplink 2 Mbps but many questions have arisen, which are:

1. How should I connect the 2921?

Since the EHWIC has only one RJ-11 port, the modem is Zhone 6211I3302 with standards ports Line(RJ-11) Phone(RJ-11) USB and LAN(RJ-45). I'm thinking avoid the modem and make a straight connection to the wall's jack through RJ-11 Straight Cable (or should I use RJ-11 Cross Over Cable?). If I cannot avoid the modem, it's obviously that I'll need an Adaptated RJ-45 to RJ-11 Cable; am I correct?

2. When I type show version appears:

     2 DSL Controllers.

     2 Ethernet Interfaces

     3 Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces (These I know are the physical interfaces the router has).

     2 ATM Interfaces.

     1 Terminal line.

Which is the interface that I'm supposed to configure? Is it a controller configurable?.

I think the 2 DSL Controllers and the 2 Ethernet Interfaces are bounded one one (or is it the 2 DSL Controllers and the 2 ATM Interfaces, but this last it doesn't make sense to me).

3. What protocol should I configure PPP or PPPoE?

I think I should configure PPPoE in the physical interface (when you tell me which one or if can figure it out).

4. How do I configure a logical interface?

I thank you to all of you for taking the time to read this and I'll be very grateful for any help that you can give me.


Re: 2900 Series with an EHWIC-VA-DSL-A. Configuration Issues?

Hi there,
From the iPad is always more difficult to answer because I don't see the post anymore :( but for what I remember these are the answers:

a) you can and definitely have to skip the modem (better design and performance) . This could lead you to ask to your ISP the settings required
b) every controller is configurable but you need to configure an ATM interface and not a controller
c) a logical interface is an interface that physically does not exist. Loopback and subinterface(you are gonna need one) are an example along with svi,bvi and a couple more.

d)you generally need to configure ppp but since this adsl service is a point to point connection, it does matter how the ISP configured its side and if password are involved in it (chap or pap authentication). I hope the examples below will help you to figure out the final config.

Hope being useful

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Re: 2900 Series with an EHWIC-VA-DSL-A. Configuration Issues?

Thank you Alessio. I really appreciate your time, the tons of material to study and guidance that showed me the possible way to a successful configuration. As soon as I get the working configuration, I'll post the result. Nevertheless, if I got stuck I'll claim for help.