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Hello!I am wondering what the best way is to implement some sort of traffic shaping for a customer using an MPLS 'cloud' for their WAN connections.  They have several remote sites connected with full T1s, one with 2 x T1, and the central site is conn...

desmith by Level 1
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Hi, I'm doing some testing with HSRP. It's working very well when I shut down interfaces but I wanted to test it on Link State (Protocol) level as well. Does enyone know how I can bring link state (protocol) layer down but keep physical (Status) up?

Resolved! accessing internet

hi im trying to set up my cisco lab to access the internet through my virgin home router,i have turned on modem mode and it gives my router 1 an ip add,i have also set up nat with overload,i also see the route in my routing tables of other routers. f...

I am setting up a network that will use the 1941 router with a cellular card (HWIC) to connect to the Internet for communication with remote stations in the field. The 1941 has a static IP address ( on the Internet provided by the ISP...

srwatters by Level 1
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Hi,At our organisation our routers all have at least 3 BGP peers, each from a different connectivity provider.The different providers that we use all have different internet transit CDRs.Is there a way that I can configure a priority for the 3 BGP pe...

jsd281180 by Level 1
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i have a 2921 with a serial and an ethernet. i created an access list allowing http and SMTP from any source to destination [my /24 subnet that lives on the ethernet side of the router]. i applied the ACL *IN* to the serial interface. i thought that ...

Hi friends,Hopefully you can help us on this issue, we are about to upgrade Cisco Load Balancer CSS 11501 firmware from current ver, to is a production line device (a running 24x7 network), upgrading will create unpredictabl...

Hi All,I have a query regarding the usage of Public IPs and the typical Cisco gateway redundancy protocols such as VRRP, HSRP and GLBP.  My query is over the wasted use of Public IPs by these specific protocols.  My design is as follows - 2 x Cisco 4...