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2951/k9 router sys LED amber

Dear Folkz,

I've 2951 router and it's SYS LED in amber and console output is not coming. FANS are rottating inside . AC LED is glwing green and backside interfaces En LED is glowing green. What's went wrong here? What could be the reason ??



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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Check "show env".

Dear Amir,

Can you check for show env

can you check for SDM

what messages are showing

make debug and check

Rate it

Dear Folkz,

I unable to take console at all.

Getting only anber in SYS LED. That's it. What could be the reason ??


Muruganantham A.

I unable to take console at all.

Getting only anber in SYS LED. That's it. What could be the reason ??

If you mean the router does not boot, you should have said that before.

That means it is faulty, and must be replaced.

Dear Paolo,

Thxz for your rply.

What are all the possilbe root casue for this kind of issue??


Can i have your inputs plz ??

Nobody can tell why stuff breaks, ask the TAC.

Hello muru amir.

I have a team in the same condition as you mention, only the amber LED sys and does not work the IOS team.
I think the RAM on your computer may be damaged. but in your case you could repair the equipment?

There could be few possibilities of this behavior:

- bad nvram

- bad DRAM

- bad hardware (motherboard)

If there is nothing coming up on the console, it could also be due to a different baud rate being used for the console. May be try changing the baud rate and see if that helps getting something on the screen.

I would like to know if the router is forwarding any traffic at all or have reachability (via vty). If no, then the better option is to have it replaced.



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