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Jacques vHeerden

4221 Booster license enable

Hey fellow engineers,


I have 4 X 4221 Cisco routers, all with the same issue. 

I need to enable the booster licenses on them, but can't seem to get them to play along.


Usually its a simple setup. Download the booster license .lic file from the cisco website,  copy it to the flash memory, then do the install command, reload, and whola. BUT NO, these 4 devices just states, "1/1 license already exists"


If I then reload, and run the show license feature command, the booster license is not there.


Please can one of you clever guys, and girls, attempt to give me some direction to go.


Kind Regards


Georg Pauwen
VIP Expert



looking through the document linked below, the following seems to apply:


To use the Boost performance license, the device must be running the Cisco IOS XE software version 16.07.01 or later. Also, the boost license command will not be available if the device is registered in CSSM before the license is added to license CSSM repository. You have to deregister and register back the device from the CSSM to execute the boost license command.


Do you actually see the line 'platform hardware throughput level boost' in your configuration (that line should be automatically added) ?

Hi Georg,


Highly appreciate the feedback.


I did read thru that article, and even almost the first 50 posts on google. Unfortunately did not win.

This is why I posted the question on this form.


The routers all did go thru a "factory reset"

router#wr erase



Then at startup, the router askes if you want to do initial setup ext....


This is my issue. All of the routers gives the same error, 1/1 license already installed. It does not give me the option or indicate that I can enable the booster license.

Hardware throughput is = 75000 and not unthrottled, also the license does not show in license features.