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4948 interface output queue resize

First off let me say i am new here so if this is in the wrong area just let me know for future reference.

I am currently troubleshooting some output drops off of a 4948-10G interface facing a 2960G. What i believe is happening is occasional spiking traffic is causing the buffer queue on the interface to be overwhelmed causing drops, as the buffer space by default is not overly large. Usually not a problem on a 4948 but in this case it appears it might be, and the switch is admittedly rather full.

However the command i locate after an exhaustive search, hold-queue (value) out, entered from the config interface prompt does not appear to work on a 4948, running 12.2(25)EWA14. So my question would be what the command is on a 4948 to increase the output queue size of a given interface?

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4948 interface output queue resize

Hello Ben,

In order to help you I would like to ask you what type of interface are you referring to L2 or L3? I believe hold-queue is not available on cat4k family since it's more relevant to buffer/queue mechanism for IOS based routers.

Please, collect the following outputs:

# show version

# show mls qos

# show interface | i drop|error|rate|packets|buff, few times

As soon as we get the basic info about the issue we'll be able to progress further.

Thank you

Best regards,
Dmitry Skotnikov

-- Best regards, Dmitry Skotnikov
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4948 interface output queue resize

Wrong forum, post in "LAN and switching". You can move your posting using the Actions panel on the right.

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